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100% recyclable and recycled PE packaging has become a major trend! The daily cosmetics market has a bright future

Recently, PE has been ignited. Several well-known foreign plastic packaging companies have launched fully recyclable PE hose packaging.

The Platina hose recently developed by Essel Packaging Group EPL (formerly Essel Propack) uses high-density polyethylene (HDPE) caps and has been approved by the American Plastics Recycling Association (APR).

Platina is an environmentally friendly laminated tube produced with less than 5% barrier resin. It is said that Platina is the world's first fully recyclable hose (including bottle shoulder and bottle cap) and is recognized by APR.

This hose can re-enter the HDPE recycling stream. After consumption, the entire package can be remade into packages such as milk bottles and juice bottles. The Platina series is designed to reduce carbon emissions and improve recyclability, but without losing any barrier properties. This makes the objects in the package have continuous chemical stability and a long shelf life.

Earlier, this 100% recyclable hose and bottle cap passed the RecyClass European certification, making it the only packaging hose and bottle cap recognized as 100% recyclable in the world. The person in charge of EPL said that Platina hose is especially suitable for oral cavity, daily chemical products and food.

Coincidentally, Hoffmann Neopac recently claimed to have launched the "first on the market" fully recyclable polyethylene (PE) hose, as well as HDPE flip bottle caps.

Neopac said that this new type of PE hose uses a single material for both the bottle body, the bottle shoulder and the bottle cap, which is very conducive to recycling, reducing the trouble of sorting and processing, and the quality of recycled materials is also better.

In addition, the reversible bottle cap design is suitable for applications in beauty, food, medical and health, and pharmaceutical packaging.

The company hopes to use this combination of PE hose and bottle cap to overcome the disadvantages of hinged plastic bottle caps for a long time because it used to be made of polypropylene (PP), which is less recyclable.

Simon Bohlen, Neopac's development engineer, said: "Through long-term cooperation with suppliers, the new HDPE flip cap overcomes the difficulty of achieving full bottle recyclability in the past, that is, the entire tube body, bottle shoulder and cap can be fully recyclable."

Albéa, a well-known beauty packaging supplier in France, recently launched a PE Basic Cap made of a single-material polyethylene (PE) for its existing single-material PE tube packaging.

This PE hose flip cover is made of HDPE recycled material. In addition, the hose packaging using this flip-top cap can be processed into renewable PE plastic particles, and then used for other purposes.

Albéa said that this kind of PE tube packaging can be completely recycled, and it can still maintain good material quality in the recycling stream, which is very important for our beauty packaging.

This PE bottle cap is compatible with laminates and plastic tubes with diameters of 30, 35, 40 and 50 mm. Albéa also launched another series of PE hose flip caps (Slim Cap PE), which is currently one of the lightest bottle caps on the market. Albéa achieves the combination of lightweight and recyclable PE hose packaging.

"Through these two series of PE bottle caps, we can provide customers with a single-material recyclable solution to help them achieve their own brand differentiated packaging and recyclability goals," said Albéa marketing manager Caroline Hughes. "This It further achieved the company`s goal of providing 100% recycled packaging by 2025."

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