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Cold hot stamping process

Cold hot stamping process first printed UV ink.
After drying, printing special UV curing adhesives on the ink surface where gilding is needed;
The water in the adhesive is evaporated through the UV drying unit to form a thin pressure sensitive adhesive layer of high viscosity.
Then, in the action of a pair of metal rollers, so that the aluminum foil with the adhesive contact and press into one.
Due to the adhesive and aluminum foil between the bonding force is large, so waste discharge, aluminum foil and adhesive contact parts remain on the surface of the printed matter, and the printed matter into one, and the other parts of aluminum foil with the traditional gilding the same waste, so as to complete the first part of the gilding technology.

As a result of transfer in the printing of the aluminum foil pattern floating in the surface of the printed matter, the firmness is poor, so must be on the surface of the printed matter on the light or coated film, in order to protect the aluminum foil pattern.

Cold hot stamping process: cold stamping technology is a new technology in the printing industry in Europe and the United States in recent years, which is to complete the transfer of electrochemical aluminum foil under cold pressure.

What cold hot gold USES is special anodized aluminium, its backside does not besmear glue, adhesive is besmeared directly at the place that needs to decorate when printing, transfer, in the action of adhesive, anodized aluminium is adherent in presswork surface.

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