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traditional hot stamping process

Cold iron process by adhesives, foil and other conditions, there are some shortcomings, such as: printing cold iron gold must be glazed or covered with film, in order to protect the bronzing pattern, increased the cost and the complexity of the process.
Cold hot process is not suitable for the shrinkage of PVC, PE and other film materials.
Due to UV adhesive leveling, so the dry surface smoothness is poor, resulting in the transfer of the above metal foil surface brightness, diffuse reflection, the effect is not as good as the traditional hot stamping process.

The key technology of cold iron process is UV adhesive and special aluminum foil.

Compared with the traditional bronzing process, the cold stamping process is fast, energy saving: the material is applicable to a wide range of thermal sensitive paper and part of the film material for cold stamping.

The use of general flexo printing plate instead of expensive metal plate cylinder, so greatly reduce the production cost and cycle of the bronzing plate, and reduce the corrosion of the metal plate in the process of pollution.

Hot first and then printing process: in order to highlight the cigarette packet on the specific design and logo, in recent years, some printing plants and launched the first hot stamping anodized aluminum, and then anodized aluminum printed on the design of the new process, can make the cigarette packet theme more vivid, lively.

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